1921 ad: Furs of Quality

. Friday, December 27, 2013

Knightsbridge the centre of fashion. Woollands the center of Kinghtsbridge. Furs of Quality. A large choice is available of beautiful fur coats, produced from selected skins of fine quality and thoroughly reliable. The high-class character of Woollands' Furs is widely recognised and the models for this season have that note of individuality and refinement for which Woollands are renowned. Woollands are not incorporated with any other firm but still enjoy the advantage of personal control. Z100 smart motor wrap, in corded velveteen lined squirrel lock with large collar and cuffs of pulled beaver coney. Price 33 Gns. Woollands are specialists in smart Silk Hose. H.101. -- exceptional value pure silk hose, fully fashioned, with lisle feet and tops, in black, white and 30 colours. All sizes 9/11. Also Milanese Silk Hose in black and all colours. 15/9. Woolland Bros LTD Knightbridge The Centre of Fashion... London, S.W.1

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