1950 ad: Do you think you are smoking too much?

. Monday, December 30, 2013

Do you think you are smoking too much? Then here, at last, is the cigarette especially blended for you! It is the distinctive new king-size Embassy! Embassy gives you all the satisfying character, all the full-bodied flavor you enjoy in your present brand. Yet, one of America's leading research laboratories reports milder Embassy smoke averaged over 60% less Acid-Tars than that of 4 leading brands tested, when smoked the same normal length. This amazing result indicates you get virtually no more Acid Tars in three Embassys than in one ordinary cigarette. So fi you think you are smoking too much give Embassy a try. You'll find that your last cigarette of the day will taste as fresh and pleasant as your first. Now... inhale to your heart's content. Embassy King Size Cigarettes.

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