1950 ad: Fill the skillet with Bacon

. Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nourishing Bacon. Fill up the skillet. Here's the "break" at breakfast, the snap in sandwich or salad, a flavor lift for other foods, a mighty good main dish, too! And look what bacon brings to the meal -- food energy in every streak of white -- complete with high-quality protein in every streak of lean. Protein -- the kind supplied by all meat -- is the great builder of muscles and bodies -- essential for maintaining healthy tissues and nerves. So bring home the bacon. You're right in liking meat! American Meat Institute. Headquarters, Chicago. Members throughout the U.S. This seal means that all nutritional statements made in this advertisement are acceptable to the Council on foods and Nutrition of the American Medical Association. Accepted. Council on Foods and Nutrition. American Medical Association. When do you need more protein? AM. PM. A breakfast that supplies plenty of good protein helps ward off mid-morning fatigue. Good protein again at lunchtime also helps to keep you feeling and doing your best right on through the afternoon.

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