1950 ad: How Big Should an Oil Company Be?

. Friday, December 20, 2013

How big should an oil company be? Here is a straight answer from one of the oldest companies in the industry. Socony-Vacuum is the size that is -- neither the biggest nor the smallest in the Petroleum Industry -- because it is an efficient size for the kind of business we do. Efficiency is the key to a company's size -- for it is the key to what the American public wants, the most for its petroleum dollar. Under the American system of business, a company that operates inefficiently soon loses business to other companies able to offer the public more value at lower cost. That's how American competition works -- and if any company gets so big that efficiencies inherent in mass operation are more than offset by increasing costs -- competition will cut that company to a proper size. To put it another way: A company is as strong as its competitive efficiency -- In turn, an industry is as strong as its companies -- and in turn, a nation is as strong as its industries. Thus every company, big or little, must be "big" enough to serve the best interests of the people in the area it covers. Since 1866 the flying red horse companies have practiced competitive efficiency to supply you with the finest petroleum products at the lowest possible cost. The Flying Red Horse Companies: Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Inc. and affiliates: Magnolia Petroleum Company, General Petroleum Corporation

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