1950 ad: Keepsake Diamond Rings

. Sunday, December 1, 2013

Genuine Registered Keepsake Diamond Rings. Daphne Ring $150.00. Wedding Ring $62.50. All rings illustrated available in white as well as natural good. Prices include federal tax. Rings enlarged to show details. Medford Ring $500.00. Wedding Ring $100.00. Regis Ring $250.00. Wedding Ring $125.00. Forever yours... your keepsake. For the happiest day in your life, choose love's most treasured symbol... a Keepsake Diamond Ring. Keepsake brings you the special pride of knowing your ring was chosen to receive the 1950 Fashion Academy Gold Medal for "exquisite design and brilliant fashion styling." Today more than ever, Keepsake is the diamond ring most wanted and admired. Not only for "gold medal" styling but for guaranteed high quality in color, cut and clarity, confirmed by the Keepsake Certificate, signed by your jeweler and Keepsake. Ask your trusted Keepsake Jeweler to show you the award-winning Keepsake collection. if it's a Keepsake the name is in the ring, and the words "guaranteed registered perfect gem" are on the tag. For the name of your Keepsake Jeweler, call Western Union and ask for Operator 25. Free: Useful 20-page book, "The Etiquette of the Engagement and Wedding." Also the name of your Keepsake Jeweler and special offer of beautiful 48-page "Bride's Keepsake Book." Write Dept. LK-3, A.H. Pond Co., Inc., Syracuse 2, N.Y. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Home Office Syracuse, N.Y.

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