1950 ad: the miracle antihistamine Anahist combats allergic symptoms

. Friday, December 6, 2013

Itching eyes? Stuffy nose? Sneezing? Watery eyes? Itching nose? Dry throat? One person in every two suffers an allergy. New medical research reveals 1,001 forms of allergy! You may be allergic -- without knowing the Real Reason for Discomfort. Read how the miracle antihistamine Anahist combats allergic symptoms. Many illnesses, never previously associated with allergies, are recognized as such by physicians today. Your suffering may be disguised. It may not take the form of itching, red, watery eyes or attacks of sneezing that plague victims of rose fever and hay fever. Perhaps you are aware only of an unexplained feeling of fatigue and drowsiness. But if you even suspect that any of your troubles may be allergic in origin, consult your doctor. The latest scientific research has given physicians amazing new drugs for allergies. Of these, the most outstanding are the antihistamines. 7 out of 10 doctors today prescribe antihistamines for hay fever! Disclosed by a recent medical survey, this increasing use of antihistamines by physicians was accelerated by the discovery of the miracle antihistamine you know as Anahist. Anahist's antihistamine formula is distinctive. It has been medically proved both safe and effective. Readers Digest called it "The Best Health News of Year" Successfully used by millions of American families last winter for treating colds symptoms, Anahist is the same antihistamine that has been prescribed by thousands of doctors. And if you suffer from rose fever, hay fever, summer colds, Anahist how offers you relief without a prescription at a cost of only a few pennies a day. What Anahist can do for you. Many doctors believe that allergic reactions result in the excessive local liberation of a histamine-like substance and that it is directly responsible for your discomfort. Hence, to end discomfort, you must first block the histamine-like substance. Anahist does just this -- and does it safely! Follow the simple directions on the package and remember: All antihistamines are not alike! Anahist is the only antihistamine proved safe and effective by doctors, as reported in the famous Reader's Digest article on colds. Anahist is the exclusive trademark of Anahist Co., Inc., Yonkers 2, N.Y. Buy at your Drugstore. New Super-Economy Bottle of 100 tablets -- at a cost of only about 2 cents per tablet! Also bottles of 40 and 15 tablets. Directions: Take Anahist as directed on package. If relief is obtained within 2 days treatment may be continued throughout period of allergy. If relief is not afforded promptly see your physician. America's Number One antihistamine. Outsells all others.
As someone whose quality of life has been greatly improved by antihistamines, I can really appreciate how much of a miracle they must have seemed to people when they were first introduced.

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