1950 ad: Most exciting Kodak cameras

. Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Most exciting Kodak cameras since snapshots were invented. Snapshot insurance -- that preview feature. You see every detail of your picture in the big, brilliant view finder before you shoot; easy to get everything right. No settings; just aim and press the button. And like all the modern Kodak cameras, the Duaflex gives you crisp, clear snapshots in black and white and full color -- indoors or out. $12.75. Flasholder $3.33. Kokak Duaflex camera Kodet Lens. $12.75. New simplicity in a folding camera. Factory-focused; no adjusting for distance. Just sight and shoot. Clear, sharp snapshots, both black and white and full color are that easy! Flash shots too, of course. $24.50. (other "Tourist" models to $95). Flasholder $11.08. Kodak Tourist Camera Kodet Lens $24.50. Brings the sun indoors for wonderful snapshots after dark Slip on a Flasholderr, pop in a bulb, aim and "shoot"... indoor snapshots, in black and white or color, are simple with this little beauty. Daytimes you use it like any regular box model. $11.75. Flasholder $2.92. Prices include federal tax. Brownie Flash Six-20 Camera $11.75. Flasholder $2.92 extra. Automatic controls. Take a load off your mind Built-in range finder; automatic film stop, shutter cocking, exposure counter, double exposure prevention take the doublt out of picture making. $86.75 Flasholder, $11.08. Other Kodak "miniatures" from $29.95. Kodack 35 camera with range finder $86.75. Eastman Kodak Company Rochester 4, N.Y. Give your graduate a Kodak or Brownie camera to "save" the happy years ahead. See your dealer. Kodak.

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