1950 ad: New Streamlined General Electric Automatic Toaster

. Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't hurry -- the toast will "keep"! See the General Electric Automatic Toaster at your dealer's. $21.50. New Streamlined General Electric Automatic Toaster pops up toast, or keeps it down till you're ready for it! Toast -- when you want it. Now -- without any "timing" on your part you can have your eggs and toast ready at the same time! With the new General Electric Toaster you can keep toast ready and waiting inside! For the prompt members of the family, just set it to pop up toast for immediate use. Toast as you like it! This General Electric Toaster toasts every slice to taste -- light, medium or dark. Just set the control, it won't matter if you toast one slice or twenty. You get every slice exactly the way you want it. So quick to clean! This new, slimmer, streamlined General Electric has a Snap-in Crumb Tray for quick, easy cleaning. It won't take you a minute to snap it out, clean it, and snap it in again. * (inc., fed. exc. tax.) Price subject to change without notice. "Toast to your taste -- every time" General Electric.

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