1950 ad: Sky Chief for Volatane Control

. Saturday, December 14, 2013

Perfect balance does the trick. Perfect balance in a gasoline means Volatiane Control... the secret of Sky Chief superiority. Is there a big difference in Sky Chief gasoline? Absolutely... and for a good reason. Texaco Sky Chief gasoline has Volatane Control. Starts are quicker... there's a "whip" in the pickup... power is there to spare....all because the volatility is controlled... exactly right. Comes a hill, you're up and over... all smoothness without violence... zing without "ping" even over the steepest grades. That's Sky Chielf's controlled octane at work. controlled volatility -- plus controlled octane -- perfectly balanced, make Sky Chief the luxury gasoline for those who want the best. Fill up and find out. at your Texaco dealer. The best friend your car ever had. The Texas Company. Texaco Dealers in all 48 states.

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