1950 ad: Willard Batteries

. Friday, December 27, 2013

Willard batteries. The sign of top performance. No matter the weather... cold... hot... or in between... you can always depend on a Willard for top-performance. That's why thousands of dealers throughout the United States and Canada enthusiastically recommend Willard Batteries. They know when they install a Willard in your car there'll be plenty of quick starting power... power that's there when you want it. And dealers know that every Willard is engineered and built to insure long life and low cost per mile. Next time buy a Willard and get top performance... and Quick Starts... and Long Life. You can get all this for just a few cents a day. This is "Safety Fill" Safety Fill construction a Willard feature, provides automatic protection against overfilling. It guards against acid spray that may corrode cables and other under-the-hood metal parts. Make your next battery a Willard and get the Extra protection of "Safety Fill" Write for free booklet. Write for fully illustrated booklet that tells how Willard Safety Fill works how it protects your car and battery. Write for your free copy today. Willard. quick starts...long life. Willar Storage Battery Company. Cleveland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Memphis, Portland, Toronto

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