1952 ad: Paterson Tanks

. Monday, December 16, 2013

What a famous photographic authority says about Paterson Tanks. In the words of Mr. Percy W. Harris, Hon. F.R.P.S. F.P.S.A, Past president R.P.S. Paterson Tanks are "A distinct advance in developing tank techneque." This considered opinion confirms the experience of thousands of Paterson tank users all over the world. The Paterson automatic self-loading spiral has revolutionized developin procedure and made all other tanks out of date. Automatically loads itself in 30 seconds. Horizontal and vertical agitation. Economy of solution -- very important in your personal budget. And other refinements for easier, better and more successful developing. There is no substitute for the Paterson self-loading feature. Two models available. Paterson "35" for 35 mm film. Paterson "Major" adjustable for 127.120/620 (116/616) roll films. 30/- each (no tax) at your photo dealers. Or send s.a.e. for prospectus and name of nearest stockists to the manufacturers and world distributors: R.F. Hunter Limited Celfix House 51 Gray's Inn Rd., London W.C.I. Phone HOLborn 7311/2

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