1967 ad: GAF Anscomatic movie cameras

. Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Christmas give, so that others may take. When you give your family or friends a photographic gift from GAF, memories will be theirs for the taking. GAF gifts are the ones that fit any personality, any pocketbook. They're right for your youngest child or your oldest friend. And their prices are just as varied. Starting with what you can easily afford, and ranging to wht you almost can't. Still cameras from GAF take all the guesswork out of photography. People don't even have to know the difference between an f/stop and a shutter button to get perfect pictures from these 4 cameras. From the simple Anscomatic 126 and Anscomatic 326 to the more advanced Anscomatic 625 and Anscomatic 726 --- just click and snap. The GAF Anscomatic movie cameras offer an even greater selection. They have all the styling, performance and features of cameras costing twice their price. They start with incredible values under $95 and end with incomparable quality like the Anscomatic ST/90 under $185, with features such as the 5-to-1 push button power-manual zoom. The slide projectors (beginning with the compact Anscomite 100, which sells for less than $15 and ending with the Anscomati 680) are an absolute "must" for showing clear, sharp slides every time. When people want to show movie films at their best, they let GAF movie projectors do it for them. Because Anscovision Dual 8 movie projectors can't show them any other way. From the simplified operation of the Anscovision 388 for under $75 to the unmatched precision of the Anscovision 688 under $115 GAF projectors are designed to assure perfection. And for do-it-yourself fans (especially teenagers), we have a complete GAF do-it-yourself darkroom kit for less than $15. With a selection like this to choose from, you may have a little trouble making up your mind. But when you finally decide, you'll know you can't go wrong this Christmas (or any other day) when you give GAF gifts. The only thing better than giving them is getting them. More fine products from GAF. General, Anline & Film Corporation, New York, N.Y.

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