1967 ad: Guatemala Tourist Commision

. Saturday, December 28, 2013

Will you ever watch the sun rise on the "world's most beautiful lake" -- Atitlan? Or join the market-day throngs in 16th century Chichicastenango?Around the mile-high lake called Atitlan you can visit 12 villages named for the apostles where the proud decendents of the Maya Indians still live as they did when the Spaniards first came. Will you ever be there to sightsee, or water ski, or just sit on the hotel terrace and watch the sun set behind the three great volcanic peaks that rim the lakeshore? Or will it be Chichicastenango for one of the fabulous market days? While you bargain for handwoven fabrics and pottery, pagan rites are practiced on the steps of the 400-year-old church of Santo Tomas. And there's much more waiting for you in unspoiled Guatemala -- where Spring seems to last all year and the faces are those of amigos... just two non-stop jet hours away from Miami, New Orleans, or Mexico City. Four and a half hours from Los Angeles. Excellent connections from most other cities. Or you can drive the inter-American highway. Ask your travel agent or write us. Discover the gems of Central America through the gateway of Guatemala. Guatemala Tourist Commision.

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