1967 ad: Introducing the Great Indoors

. Sunday, December 29, 2013

Introducing the Great Indoors: take it with you on your next vacation. We believe that the Great Outdoors should stay outdoors. That's why we created the Great Indoors. Even if you're 1,000 miles from nowhere at sundown you can step into your own lavish motel suite. And when you're on the road it's as posh as traveling in your own railroad car, complete with room service. There's a big difference between other recreational vehicles and the Great Indoors of the Dodge Motor Home. Ours is not a converted something-or-other. From the wheels up it was designed for just one thing: to live in. And the living's great. For sleeping there's a double bed in the rear, as well as a dinette and sofa that convert to sleep two apiece. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, sink and medicine cabinet. And the kitchen comes complete with a three-burner gas range, oven, refrigerator and double stainless steel sink. We also have a long list of options (like TV, stereo, motor scooter, air conditioning) that can turn your Doge Motor Home into any kind of traveling companion your heart desires. But what makes the Dodge Motor Home so unique is that you drive it. You don't pull it. You don't haul it piggyback. The driving area is just ahead of the dining room. With its power steering and power brakes, every driver in the family will want a turn at the wheel. Now, wouldn't you call that the Great Indoors? See your dependable Dodge dealer or write us for a free color brochure. Traveco Brown City, Michigan 48416

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