1967 ad: Minolta Autopak Super-8 Movie Cameras

. Monday, December 30, 2013

Do you have what it takes to make razor sharp movies? We do. If you won't stand for fuzzy flicks, try a Minolta Autpak 8 movie camera. You'll be taking pictures through a world-famous Rokkor zoom lens -- rated tops for sharp color photography by pros everywhere. The Minolta Autopak-8 K11 (shown) is the most fully equipped super-8 you can buy. Under $250 plus case. Other models include the Minolta Autopak-8 S3, a truly compact, lightweight easy-on-the-budget super-8 at under $120 plus case. The Minolta Autopak-8 K7 has power zoom, power motor, reflex viewing and many extras to make it a great buy at under $200 plus case. See the Minolta Super-8 trio at your nearest camera dealer. Or write for colorful illustrated literature to: Minolta Corporation 200 Park Avenue South, New York New York 10003 Minolta Autopak Super-8 Movie Cameras

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