1967 ad: Thermogrip Electric Glue Gun

. Thursday, December 5, 2013

Glue it in a minute. Use it right away. Thermogrip Electric Glue Gun bonds in 60 seconds. Fastest, easiest, best way to glue. The gun hot-melts solid glue that dries in one minute flat. Bonds almost any material permanently and securely. A wonderful Christmas gift because it can be used to mend and make so many things all year 'round. Comes in gilt packaged kit with glue sticks -- plus white sealer sticks for instant set caulking. At leading hardware dealers. $7.95. USM Consumer Products Center. United Shoe Machinery Corporation.221 Oley Street, Reading PA 19601. Get free booklets on making Christmas decorations, fixing and fastening. Write Dept. LM2. 
How quaint. It's so cute to see this ad touting a hot glue gun as an amazing new product.

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