1942 ad: The Ideal Sex Life book

. Monday, January 6, 2014

Honeymoon love can last forever with these Sex Facts for Adults Only. Yours free. How to Attain and Practice the Ideal Sex Life by Dr. J. Rutgers. 70 intimate, frank chapters for all ages! Readers of this all-complete book (one of the largest on sex) have learned so much more than they thought possible. Practically every type of sex problem and every age is individually treated. Shows how to carry out the detailed instructions. Experience the supreme joy of a longer, happier married six life and abolish the dangers of wrong sex notions. 150,000 illuminating words help establish the necessary desired cooperation between husband and wife. One of the most up-to-date books, the latest improvements, methods, etc. that should be known. This treatise is yours now for only $1.98 (originally $6.00). Partial contents of "Ideal Sex Life" Modern methods of sex hygiene. How to cleanse the female vagina, the male genital canal. Latest sex discoveries for improving sexual practice. Role of husband and wife in the sex act. How sensation reacts in woman, man. the perfect sex act. Step by step plan for wedding night and honeymoon. Avoiding harmful mistakes of newlyweds and older married couples. Rejuvenation treatments for increasing sex potency of man and woman. What stimulates sexual desire. Sex attraction and art of courtship for woman, man. Modern art of mutual sex satisfaction. Natural birth control. Spanish method, French method, Karezza method. Advice for aged married people Attaining the greatest satisfaction in sex life. 4 kinds of sexual satisfaction. Avoiding too much or too little sex life. Overcome physical hindrances for ideal sex practice. Avoiding dangerous sex relations. Degeneracy facts of sex. The male and female sex organs. Strengthening man's sex virility and sex control towards ideal mutual climax. Importance of caresses, embraces for ideal sex life. Sources of Disease. Sex act regarding change of life, pregnancy. The problem of masturbation. Sexual case histories. How to treat abnormal cases. Art of choosing a mate for deal married sex life. Plus many more revealing chapters -- everyone in simple frank words. Free picture Book 317 Illustrations. "Picture Stories of the Sex Life of Men and Women" With order of "The Ideal Sex Life" we give you free "Picture Stories of the Sex Life of Man and Woman" 317 illustrations with detailed explanations of the sexual side of the human body. Natural birth control charts. Facts to know on bridal night. Sex organs illustrated and explained. woman's change of life, menstruation. Calendar showing days of fertility, sterility. How sex systems of men and women work. The structures of female breasts. Picture how pregnancy takes place. How sex vitality is produced in man, woman. Unusual cases and hundreds more. Read both books without buying. New York Mail Order House, Inc. Dept R-320, 220 Fifth Aven., New York 1, N.Y.

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