1947 ad: Give your room a gleaming "carpet" of wax

. Saturday, January 18, 2014

It costs only pennies to give this room a gleaming "carpet" of wax... Perhaps you'd rather not put a price tag on beauty. But isn't it nice to know you can give any room in your house a beauty treatment that costs only pennies! Millions of women already know it well. They've seen the magic a fine polishing can work. That's why every year for sixty years, more and more women have bought the red and yellow package of Johnson's Paste Wax for their homes. Nothing they've discovered contributes so much beauty at such a trifling costs. They use Johnson's Paste Wax regularly on their floors to impart a rich polish.. a polish that grows more mellow after every application. They wax their furniture to keep it gleaming. They wax their window sills to prevent rain spotting. They wax dozens of other things like radiator covers, leather goods, metal articles to add dust-repelling luster. No wonder more women use Johnson's Paste Wax to beautify and protect their homes than all other brands of paste wax combined. They know there's no finer wax to be had at any price. To make floor polishing child's play, rent a Johnson Polisher. Your wax dealer will rent you a Johnson's Electric Floor polisher for a small charge. Many stores also have the Johnson Electric Floor Polisher for sale -- price $44.50. Five Famous Johnson Polishes. Paste wax, liquid wax, cream wax, self polishing glo-coat, carnu for cars. New! Drax. Johnson's new product DRAX gives invisible wax protection to clothes and fabrics. Drax-treated garments have a satin-smooth finish, resist dirt, keep fresh longer, are easier to wash and iron. Look for the Drax tag on garments you buy. Ask your laundry and dry cleaner for DRAX service. Coming Soon! DRAX for household use. Write for information.

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