1950 ad: Drink Your Way to Health with a Vita-Mix

. Thursday, January 9, 2014

WHICH DO YOU WANT? Better Digestion Normal Elimination Restful Sleep Strong Healthy Teeth. Then Stop Throwing Away Precious Vitamins and Minerals in Your Food. MAKE MEALS WITH A VITA_MIX and DRINK YOUR WAY TO  HEALTH With Unbreakable Stainless Steel Bowl and Bakelite Handle In preparing food the ordinary way, you peel off and throw away those vitamin and mineral filled parts which are so essential to good health. With the Vita-Mix you keep ALL the natural healthgiving food-value. That's why you can literally drink your way to health with the Vita-Mix. Completely liquefies, whips, chops, emulsifies all fruits and vegetables into tangy, appetizing drinks. Leaves no pulp. N0 cooking, juicing 0r peeling of rinds necessary. Easy t0 sterilize.
lOOK WHAT VITA-MIX DOES. Makes drinks in 4 minutes. Many Other uses. Fully guaranteed for one year. No dealers, low direct-to-you-price. GET 2 GIFTS If You Order. If You Order NOW. Electrical Grill and Toaster . . . worth $9.95. VITA-MIX 39.95 You Pay $29.95 for a value of $50.45. MAIL COUPON NOW! NATURAL FOOD INSTITUTE Dept. WB-Q, Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Enclosed is $29.95. Sen_d me, postpaid, one Vita-Mix, the gift grill and. recipe book, a. value of $50.54.

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