1950 ad: Happy, the Mechanical Begging Puppy

. Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here's Happy! The cheerful, cute mechanical begging puppy. Walks around -- Begs for Its Supper—Bends to Floor to Get It -- Straightens Up, Eats and Thanks You! Children love Happy’s tricks! The lifelike, rugged, shaggy coated brown dog that keeps moving. reminds you of a real dog. A real find—discovered by our import limited number brought to U. S. Order while they last -- be one or the few to have this gift for Christmas or birthdays. SEND NO MONEY Just pay postman $1 plus postal and handling charges. Or send $1 (Plus 10 cents packing and handling) with order and we pay all charges. (Send $2 cash for 2—we pay all costs.) Satisfaction guaranteed or purchase price refunded. Agents Wanted! Make Big Money! Toy Shop, 2241 Gravois, Dept. 24, St. Louis, Missouri

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