1950 ad: "Hearing Aid Makes LIving Worthwhile"

. Sunday, January 12, 2014

Now hears whispers.  New Kind of Hearing Aid Makes living. Worthwhile NO DEVICE OF ANY KIND IN EITHER EAR. THIS HARD-OF-HEARING young woman even HEARS WHISPERS AGAIN, yet there is no device of any kind in her ear! No so-called “invisible” or “phantom” earpiece, no headband, no pressure anywhere! She doesn’t advertise her deafness! GET THE WHOLE STORY FREE Whether or not you now wear a hearing aid, you owe it to yourself to prove, without cost or obligation, that you can now HEAR with a brilliance and clarity you never expected to enjoy again, yet never wear anything in your ear! Fill in and mail the coupon at once for full information about Acousticon’s amazing new invention! ACOUSTICON at Radio City, 6 W. 49th St., New York City. I Please send me 7 complete. illustrated I information about your‘ marvelous i new hearing invention that requires I nothing in my ear and no headband.

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