1963 ad: Hormonex Beauty Serum

. Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fade dry-skin wrinkles quickly with HORMONEX Beauty Serum. send for 10-Day sample! Hormonex, with penetrating Sesame Oil and moisturizing lanolin, applies female hormones to the skin to work most effectively. Just apply 7 drops daily to face and throat. Those superficial wrinkles caused by dry skin fade quickly, smoothly. Hormonex is the product of a trustworthy 50-year-old laboratory. It is sold in over 500 leading department stores and recommended by thousands of pharmacists at $3.50 for a 100-day supply. NOW a special 10-DAY SAMPLE will be sent you postage paid, without obligation so you can see the astonishing results it brings. To get your 10-DAY TRIAL SAMPLE write to address below. Please send 25 cents in coin or stamps to cover packing, handling charges to: MITCHUM CO., Dept. 24—AS, 610 Fifth Ave, New York 20, N. Y.

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