1963 ad: Peacock's Imperial Creme will fade your wrinkles with quicksilver

. Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wrinkles Fade Fast! Science has found a white substance m a d e with quicksilver that works wonders on face and hands troubled with *superficial dry-skin wrinkles. Use it only a few days and see these wrinkles about the eyes and mouth grow dim and vanish. Even deep creases become less noticeable. The skin looks years younger, clearer, smoother. But that’s not all! “Old-Age” spots on hands and face, blackheads, pimples, splotches and other surface blemishes caused by weather and neglect, will disappear. Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. SEND N0 MONEY 6-DAY TRIAL TEST! Send name and address. Pay only $2.00 on arrival plus C.O.D., postage and tax, on guarantee you must be satisfied with first results or return remaining Peacock’s Imperial Creme for money back. Or save money. Send $2.20 which includes tax and we pay postage. Same guarantee.PEACOCK & 00., DEPT. 24AW, PARIS, TENN.

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