1964 ad: Be a Charming Peggy with Midol

. Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poor Peggy. Lost in the throes of periodic pain. Every month Peggy was lost in the throes of functional menstrual distress. Now she just takes Midol and goes her way in comfort because Midol tablets contain: An exclusive anti-spasmodic that helps stop cramping... Medically-approved ingredients that relieve headache, low backache... calm jumpy nerves... A special, mood-brightening medication that chases "blues." "What Women Want to Know. Free! Frank, revealing 32-page book, explains womanhood's most common physical problems. Written by a physician. Write Dept. E54, Box 280, New York 18, N.Y. (Sent in plain wrapper.) Charming Peggy. Found fast relief with Midol.

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