1964 ad: GE giant-capacity washer with a mini-basket

. Friday, January 17, 2014

Only General Electric's giant-capacity washer has Mini-Basket. This exclusive extra does nuisance loads... and last-minute leftovers. It also takes loving care of frilly things... and nylons... dainty woolens... and all those other washables... you never dared machine wash before. Mini Basket makes General Electric's new washer the washer for all your washables. There's a giant-size washtub to get those full 12-pound family loads truly clean... or there's exclusive Mini-Basket to take special care of one-pound loads. The delicate washables. And the runny socks. And those last-minute leftovers. Mini-Basket part of a Mini-Wash system has its own speeds, controls and washing action. Set it for gentle swish, spin, rinse for precious loads. Or normal action for small regular loads. And Mini-Basket saves you money. You need less water -- only about one-fourth the amount you'd use in the big tub, even at its smallest-load setting! You use less detergent -- just a tablespoon or two! In both big 12-pound washtub and little Mini-Basket General Electric's Filter-Flo washing system traps lint-fuzz in the filter, not on your clothes. Expensive? No! You can buy a G-E Washer with Mini-Basket for only about $219.95. Other dependable GE Washers about $169.95 (Without Mini-Basket and other deluxe features) General Electric.

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