1967 ad: Take Pan Am to Spain

. Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reign in Spain. Or any place else in Europe. We have just the ticket. To castles in Spain. Or Chateaux on the Loire. Or quaint country inns in Britain. The fact is, Pan Am can promise you a royal welcome anywhere in Europe. And show you all of it. We fly straight through to 27 European cities. Twice as many as anyone else. And our Extra Cities Plan will let you see as many as 20 cities for the price of Rome. The place to start is with your Pan Am Travel Agent. Or us. Then fly off knowing you’ve chosen the best there is. It’s a good feeling. One might even say regal. World’s most experienced airline. Pan Am. First on the Atlantic. First on the Pacific. First in Latin America. First ‘Round the World.

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