1968 ad: Revolutionary Adjustable Contracts-U Slenderizer

. Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Introducing the new revolutionary adjustable Contracts-U. The all-around slenderizer that shrinks you 4 sizes instantly. Double adjustment feature. The extra adjustment feature situated on both sides of Contracts-U enables you to contract your figure 4 sizes. Imagine how pleased you'll be when you discover that suddenly you can wear clothes sizes smaller and that your present wardrobe looks so much better on you -- no bulges -- no sticking out -- but a true flat front and compressed hip and derriere. An amazing value. Three styles. Regular, panty. Long-leg panty. Exclusive two-in-one wrap-around feature. The pictures show clearly that Contracts-U is in fact two belts. This is the full inner belt and to it is added an outer belt consisting of two full wrap-around sections with the extra remarkable adjustment feature. Now you can control just how flat you want to look and feel. Sold directly to you. Ward Green Company. 43 West 61 Street, New York, N.Y. 10023

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