1970 ad: Medico Filter Pipes

. Thursday, January 9, 2014

Medico 2 1/4" filters do it. Give pleasure and peace of mind. Medico Filter Pipes. 66-baffle absorbent replaceable Medico filters trap juices, tars, nicotine -- keep your mouth cleaner, cooler. Change filter and your pipe is clean. Selected, imported briar; nylon bits guaranteed bite-proof. For beautiful color catalog, write Medico, 745 Fifth Ave., N.Y. 10022, Dept. D30. Please enclose 10 cents for handling. Medico Crest with pipe rest. Medico filters 10 fr 10 cents. Menthol-cool or charcoal. 10 for 15 cents. Guardsman. Casino. Ancient Brayere. Sterling Silver Filigree. Other Medico Filter Pipes $3.50 up. Medico -- world's largest selling pipes.

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