1970 ad: RCA Stereo Components

. Monday, January 27, 2014

Phono. Radio. Tape. We've pulled ourselves together. To give you everything you want in one component system. The VS 6060 Stereo phonograph. FM/Am and FM stereo radio. Stereo cassette recorder/player. The sound comes through sealed speakers. Backed up by an amplifier with 60 watts of back power. The phonograph turntable is so friction-free, it continues to spin for nearly a minute after it's shut off. The stereo tuner was carefully designed to pull in hard-to-get signals and separate crammed-together stations. The tape cassette lets you record or play back in full-bodied stereo. For your special memories. Visit your RCA dealer and see our matched component systems. You'll be glad we got together. New vibrations from an old master RCA.

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