1970 ad: Stop Dot, the op-art looking game from Mattel

. Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stop Dot can be easy as tic-tac-toe and as absorbing as chess. It depends on who's playing the game. That op-art looking thing you see here is Stop Dot, our new strategy game. To win you have to make a straight row of five dots in five different colors, without putting any dot next to a dot of the same color. That's it. If the rules sound ridiculously simple, just wait until your opponent is snarling at you through the three-dimensional plastic board. te more you play, the harder it gets to win. The more sophisticated the players are, the more challenging the play becomes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations to win with -- or, equally, to lose with. Compare that with the eight possible winning combinations of tic-tac-toe and it becomes pretty clear that Stop Dot is in a different league. What tickles us most, though, is almost anybody of any age can play Stop Dot and enjoy it on his own level. That makes it one of the world's few real family games. Look for Mirror Mania and Turning Point, other family strategy games from Mattel.

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