1977 ad: Earth Born Baby Shampoo

. Sunday, January 19, 2014

More than Gentle! Earth Born Baby Shampoo combines a fresh honeysuckle fragrance with a low pH non-alkaline formula! If you think gentle is all there is to baby shampoo you're in for a surprise. Earth Born Baby Shampoo is different! It's filled with the fresh smell of honeysuckle. Different from the baby-like smell of the others. The incredibly rich lather is non-tear. Gentle enough to use every day. It's the only baby shampoo with a unique low pH, non-alkaline formula. Can't leave an alkaline residue. It gives your hair a baby-soft feel and shimmering shine without sacrificing manageability. Let it go to your head. Earth Born Baby Shampoo. the one that's more than gentle.

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