1986 ad: Commodore 128 and 64 Personal Computers

. Thursday, January 2, 2014

All you need to do this: graph a spreadsheet, write a novel, fix an engine, compose a song, paint a picture, your banking, learn to fly, organize a data base, tell a story, forecast sales. Is this. When it comes to personal computers, you want the smartest at a price that makes sense. The new Commodore 128 system has a powerful 128K memory, expandable by 512K. An 80-column display and 64, 128 and CP/M modes for easy access to thousands of educational, business and home programs. And a keyboard with built-in numeric keypad that operates with little effort. O if the Commodore 128 is more machine than you had in mind, you can pick up the Commodore 64. The Commodore 64 is our lower-priced model geared to more fundamental, basic needs. Discover personal computers that do more for you. At prices you've been waiting for. From the company that sells more personal computers than IBM or Apple. Commodore 128 and 64 Personal Computers. A higher intelligence.

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