1986 ad: ITT XTRA XP

. Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don't take it from us. “I would rather have an ITT XTRA XP on my desk than an IBM PC AT. This powerful machine is operationally superior to the AT in several ways and costs less?" PC Magazine 11/12/85‘ "The overall throughput snecd of the XP is tremendous. top speed and excellent M if] I I I 1 "On the basis of features, I performance, or price, or important requirements to you, look at the XP before you w ' ; basis for judging the merits buy anything else.” i of contemporary micro—G0vernment Computer N, m" computers in this class, this News 10/11/85 fl 1 a; g one’s got to be a winner.” —Computer Buyer's Guide and Handbook 1/86 "The ITT XTRA XPiS downright exciting. What makes this machine special is the way ITT souped it up." Week 9/17/85' Take it the experts. The new ITT XP is an extraordinary machine— getting an extraordinary reception in markets around the world. It also happens to be 'a good example of the kind of innovative products and services that ITT is concentrating more and more on these days. Interested in learning other things we’re doing? Phone toll free l-800-DIAL-ITT for a continuously updated message. ITT

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