1927 ad: Buescher True Tone Band and Orchestra Instruments

. Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wanted: Men to learn to play the Saxophone and other band instruments, and fit themselves for high salaried positions, most enjoyable work, short hours, ideal environment. No special talent required. Anyone who can whistle a tune and keep step with a march can quickly master any Buescher True Tone Instrument. Many learn scales in an hour, play tunes the first week. You can. Buescher Assures Success. But only with a Buescher is this rapid progress assured. Perfect tuning, easy natural blowing, simplified fingering, give special advantages. Easy to play, easy to pay. Take any Buescher Instrument home for 6 days' trial. Pay for it by the month. Earn as you learn. Play as you pay. Satisfaction guaranteed. Send coupon for beautiful catalog. Mention favorite instrument. A big job awaits you. Don't delay. Buescher Band Instrument Co. Everything in Band and Orchestra Instruments. 1960 Buescher Block. Elkhart, Indiana. Buescher easy playing Trumpets and Trombones are the choice of the world's leading artists. Mail coupon for special catalog of your favorite instrument. Buescher True Tone Band and Orchestra Instruments

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