1948 ad: America's Newest Cookbook

. Monday, February 17, 2014

America's Newest Cook Book. 100 pages! 12 color photos! 72 method pictures! Send for your copy today! You'll consult it every day. Chiffon cakes? Yes! Whole lunch salads? Plenty! Luscious pies? Yes! Quick-mixing cakes? Yes! America's newest cook book! 218 recipes... plus new chiffon cakes. For only 25 cents you get this 100-page treasury of tested recipes, the new Wesson Oil and Snowdrift cook book! Main dishes, salads, salad dressings, vegetables, hot breads! Desserts galore! Pies, cookies, and cakes! 88 pictures! Many, in color, show foods so good your eyes "eat 'em up." Helps you put m-m in your meals! For your copy of this book, "How to win compliments," together with new Chiffon Cake recipes, send only 25 cents in coin to the Wesson Oil and Snowdrift People, dept. E1, New Orleans 12, Louisiana. Wesson oil for salads -- for cooking.

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