1948 ad: Better with Butter

. Saturday, February 15, 2014

Roll 'em ... fold 'em... stack 'em Butter 'em pancake pointers by Ann Pillsbury. here are pancakes in new ways to intrigue.. new tastes to tempt... new glory for your meals. For each variation, use your favorite mix or recipe, adding 2 tablespoons melted butter to batter. Bake thin 5 inch pancakes on hot, lightly buttered griddle and turn only once. Serve them hot! Mm-m-m! Pancake "Rollies" (1) Spread with cottage cheese. Roll. Enjoy with melting butter in orange sauce. (2) Spread generously with butter and brown sugar. Roll and serve crowned with butter. (3) spread hot pancakes with jelly or preserves. Roll. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Top with melted butter. Pancake "Foldies" (1) Spread pancakes with butter and strawberry jam. Fold like a Parkhouse roll. Skewer with toothpick and cover with melting butter. (2) spread hottest-hot pancakes with cream cheese mixed with sweetened shredded pineapple. Fold. Skewer. cover in butter. (3) Spread hot pancakes with butter and apricot marmalade. Fold. Top with cherry in whipped cream. Pancake "Stackies" Stack thin cakes with butter and syrup, brown or maple sugar in between. Cut into stack and enjoy. Morning, noon or night is butter and pancake time. The mellow, flavor, unmistakable taste of golden butter accents the goodness of a stack of wheats. Better with butter. Rich in golden goodness. That's butter. It's the concentrated goodness of four pints of cream that go to make every pound. Butter makes so many other foods taste so much better. On pancakes... on bread, toast, vegetables... in cooking, baking, frying... Butter gives matchless flavor. Rich in natural vitamins, high in food energy. Butter is America's symbol of good living. Better with Butter! American Dairy Association 20 N. Wacker Drive Building. Chicago 6, Illinois. "Voice of 5,000,000 dairy farmers.

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