1953 ad: Be Lux-Lovely in a mink

. Friday, February 28, 2014

Be Lux-Lovely in gorgeous mink... This Mink Coat can be yours! $150,000.00 Mink prizes in four weekly contests for 20 mink coats. Hundreds of rich mink stoles and magnificent mink scarves. This is your opportunity to own and wear gorgeous mink! Every week for four weeks, Lux will award 5 first prizes -- each a luxurious mink coat. Plus 10 second prizes -- each a dramatic mink stole. And 75 third prizes -- each a perfectly matched scarf! These furs are of the most prized quality... because they were created by nationally famous Annis Furs. Distinguished furriers since 1887. Hurry -- enter this week's contest now. it's easier than you think to win a precious mink -- for your very own! 9 out of 10 screen stars us Lux Toilet Soap. Rhona Fleming co-starring in Tropic Zone, a Paramount Picture. Color by Technicolor.

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