1953 ad: Brandywine Mushrooms

. Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ONE OF THE LOWEST-CALORIE FOODS KNOWN. Brandywine mushrooms -- as a main course or a side vegetable -- are a satisfying zestful food of extremely low calorie count. Only 20 calories to a 4-oz can. If you're calorie conscious, Brandywine Mushrooms are your dish. Only 20 calories to a 4-oz can - less than lemon juice, rhubarb or plain toast. So you never have to worry what they'll do to your weight. Here's real proof! There are 4 times as many calories in cans of the same amount -- 5 times as many as spaghetti, 20 times as many in American cheese and 35 times as many in french fries. Yet Brandywine mushrooms supply hunger-satisfying bulk plus proteins, iron copper, vitamin B complex and more mineral value than most fruits and vegetables. Free! A new 24-page recipe booklet.

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