1964 ad: Diaper Pure guards against diaper rash

. Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guards against diaper rash for up to 6 hours. Eliminates most irritating ammonia-forming bacteria by disinfecting. Protects against wet diaper burn by neutralizing uric acid. Used in the final rinse, actually impregnates the diaper fabric. Diaper Pure is the diaper treatment exclusively formulated to protect baby's tender skin -- inhibit bacteria growth even while diapers are wet. Used with your regular soap or detergent, it gets diapers cleaner -- keeps them whiter, without boiling or bleaching. Used alone in the final rinse, it reduces harsh detergent buildup. Ideal for all baby's things... undergarments, crib sheets, blankets. Safe for delicate fabrics. Deodorizes both diaper pail and diapers. Now! Freshen baby's room every time you freshen baby! New, hospital tested special formula -- safe for use around babies. Only new Wizard Nursery spray brings you this exclusive formula specially made to keep the nursery always dainty and sweet smelling. Wizard Nursery Spray

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