1964 ad: Glissando lipstick with a mix of separate colors

. Friday, February 14, 2014

Glissando. You've never seen it before because it didn't exist before. In one Lipstick...a mix of separate colors... do what no colors ever did before! GLISSANDO colors merge. converge. blend on your lips! A never-before depth of color is born to flatter your skin, hair. eyes! Dazzling overtones interplay with bewitching undertones as GLISSANDO outdates. antiquates. obsoletes every other lipstick in the world! No one lipstick could ever give you such depth of color. No two lipsticks could blend so harmoniously. GLISSANDO colors melt in a delicious blend that goes on the same every time. New Glissando.. a never before look in lip make-up by Du Barry... the most elegant name in cosmetics.

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