1969 ad: Secrets of Gift Decorating

. Monday, February 17, 2014

Discover the secrets of gift decorating! Create beautiful gifts like these even if you've never painted before. Imagine! Just a little paint ... 3 simple brush strokes... and you can turn trash into treasures, junk-pile discards into glamorous gifts even if you've never held a brush before. In your hands a battered old coffee pot now becomes an antique work of art. A rusted tea kettle changes into a charming gift planter. A forgotten camel-back trunk becomes a beautiful hand-painted hope chest. And you can make up to $50 a week selling your gifts if you choose. You will be thrilled to discover you can create lovely treasures even if you can't draw a straight line. Mrs. Rut Miner of Lubbock, Texas writes: "I never had a brush in my hand before but after the first 2 lessons I have sold to our largest department store! What's the secret? The discovery that with 3 simple brush strokes (the same strokes used to apply lipstick) you can decorate for fun or profit. Quickly and easily you'll see exquisite roses and flowers fruit cupids and bows, birds and butterflies come alive under your brush as if by magic! Earn while you learn at home. Even as beginner you may find friends decorators even gift shops eagerly bidding for your unusual one of a kind creations sometimes offering $10, $15, even $20 for one. Enjoy 15-day examination free. Complete course mailed at once in one exciting shipment -- 42 piece decorator's kit -- $7 pattens -- 24 lessons -- all the paints, brushes, and supplies you need. Yet entire course yours for only $39.50 complete plus shipping if delighted with free trial first. Even this small amount may be paid in installments of $5 a month. I cleaned $250.00 last month and I didn't even leave the house. Lois Pullig, Louisiana. "I have acquired 30 school desks.. which I am refinishing ... I have them practically all sold" -- Robert Weitzmann, New York. Decorative Arts Institute 430 Community Drive, Manhasset, Long Island, New York, 11030

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