1986 ad: NCR PC6 is really fast (by 1986 standards)

. Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whoosh! That’s information coming up on the new NCR PC6. The PC6 is NCR’s most powerful personal computer yet. It’s powered by the advanced Intel 8088-2 microprocessor. So you can process information nearly twice as fast as the PC At that rate, you can load programs faster. Recall files in an instant. Calculate in a flash. And get home earlier. The PC6 stores a lot, too-— up to 40MB of hard disk space, or about 7,575 single-spaced typewritten pages. Of course the PC6 is compatible—running over 10,000 business software programs. In fact, a special switch lets you operate at either 8 MHz or 4.77 MHz, allowing you to run software that some other high performance PCs, like the PC AT,TM can’t run. And, just in case, you can get a built-in streaming tape back-up system to guard against accidental erasures, * In Nebraska call 1-800-343-4300. disk damage, or coffee spills.
The NCR PC6. To see it, fly on down to your NCR dealer today. For your nearest NCR dealer, call toll free 1-800544-3333. * A better personal computer. It’s exactly what you’d expect from NCR.

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