1952 ad: Make Extra Money selling Wallace Brown Greeting Cards

. Monday, March 24, 2014

Wallace Brown Christmas Greeting Cards. High quality cards that cost so little in carefully planned box assortments. Make Extra Money. It's easy -- it's fun with Wallace Brown Christmas Cards. Here's a delightful, easy way to make lots of money in spare time, and you'll enjoy every minute of it. Just show samples and take orders for nationally known Wallace Brown Christmas Cards and Gift Items. You don't need experience because the assortments are so beautiful and such big values they sell themselves. You've never seen anything to equal the 21-card "feature" assortment at $1.00 with up to 50 cents profit for you! And so many others -- sparkling new Christmas Assortments exclusive with Wallace Brown and old Christmas Card favorites in clever new forms -- plus a host of gift items like stationery, personal notes, imported napkins, children's books and others -- and a wonderful collection of everyday greeting card assortments to bring you still more money! Send no money -- mail coupon for samples. Simply fill out and mail the coupon below -- now. Get the gorgeous out of this world. 21-card "feature" assortment. America's most exciting value and everything you need to start making money quick with our entire line. If you act promptly we'll include absolutely free large selection of actual samples of superb name-imprinted personal Christmas Cards, offered at low popular prices. Mail the coupon this very day. Also available -- Album of DeLuxe Personal Custom-made Christmas Cards at higher prices. Wallace Brown Inc. 225 Fifth Ave. Dept. A-88 New York 10, N.Y.

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