1952 ad: Seventeen Beautiful Colors captured in lustrous linen

. Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weavers Seventeen Beautiful Colors! Captured in Lustrous Linen. There  is no shade you cannot achieve with the full range of flowing colors captured in the lustrous beauty of the world's finest linen yarns... SALINMIL and LOOM LORE, by Davis. Weave with your choice of seventeen shades so delicately lustrous that only Davis could guarantee their color fastness. if you have tried others you know the importance of this guarantee. (Bleached white and natural also available.) Remember Linen Lasts Longer. No.... thirsty towelling yarn... another Davis first. A pre-absorbent linen yarn that is actually spun thirsty. In bleached only. Davis Cordage Company Dept. M 566 Sixth St., San Francisco 3, California

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