1966 ad: Meet the first family of Bicor

. Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meet the first family. You'll enjoy the pleasure of their company: Bicor -- Brother International Corporation, subsidiary of Brother Industries Ltd. BICOR is the new symbol for Brother International Corporation, a subsidiary of Brother Industries Ltd for over fifty years the world's first family of convenience products. Whenever you see the BICOR symbol you're assured of unequaled quality and tailored-to-the-pocket value. Take a look at our family of sewing machines, typewriters, knitters, hair dryers... and there are even more made-for-people conveniences on the way. You'll love the young smart design, enjoy the convenience-engineered features and treasure the dollars you save. The name BICOR with coast to coast sales and service centers. If you haven't met the dealer closest to you call or write ... we'll introduce you. BICOR

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