1968 ad: Rinsa Rama Chemical Rinse safely curls, waves hair

. Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW PROTEIN RINSE Safely curls, waves hair without Permanent Waving. No matter how straight and hard to curl your hair is, just stir taro spoonfuls new discovery RINSA RAMA CHEMICAL RINSE in a glass of water, Comb through hair, put up on regular curlers or pins. Overnight hair takes on soft lustrous casual waves and curls as lovely as natural wavy hair, safe for all types hair even dyed hair. And no matter how damp or rainy the weather, your hair stays as neat and wavy the 7th day as the first. Conditions dry hair. It’s amazing. Guarantee satisfaction or money back. Send only $2.00 for enough Rinsa Rama concentrate to make 2 gallons. If COD postage extra. Write for Rinsa Rama. Fleetwood Co., 427 W. Randolph, Chicago 60606

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