1969 ad: Chiquita Brand Bananas

. Thursday, March 27, 2014

The special delivery banana. Maybe you didn’t know it but a banana can go through plenty on the way to your grocery store. 2,200 miles of bumping, bouncing, rolling oceans. And with nothing to protect it but the skin it was born in. Smash, bang, ka-pow. Now, we wouldn’t let our Chiquita Brand Bananas come in for that kind of treatment. So we pack them. Each and every one. We cut them from their stems and nestle them in corrugated boxes. Nine-ply thick. And shield them with layers and layers of tissue. That’s our Chiquita Brand Banana. Otherwise known as the Special Delivery Banana. The U.S. Mail should have it so good. Chiquita Brand Bananas.

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