1970 ad: Countdown Cameras from Polaroid

. Sunday, March 2, 2014

When you hear the signal the time will be exactly right. (Beep) This camera does not leave a thing to chance. It also does not leave much to you. You do not even count the seconds while your picture develops. When it's ready to see, the electronic development timer will call you. "Beep" This is one of the most automatic cameras we have ever made. You just focus and shoot. The electric eye and electronic shutter figure out every exposure automatically. Color time exposures up to 10 seconds. Indoor black and white shots without flash. This camera even measures the burst of a flash automatically. You can also snap on the optional attachments. Head and shoulder portraits from only 19 inches. Close ups from 9 inches. All Polaroid Countdown Land cameras tell you when your picture is ready, and prices start at under $80. This one (our Model 350) is under $160. One "Beep" from it and you're a photographer. Countdown Cameras from Polaroid.

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