1977 ad: Hotpoint automatic washers and Tide

. Monday, March 17, 2014

Q. Does Hotpoint pack a coupon for Tide in their new automatic washers? A. Do kids get dirty at parties? When kids are having fun they almost have to get dirty. And you have to get those clothes clean. Hotpoint packs a 40-cents-off Tide Coupon in their new washers. Reason enough to try Tide? Sure. But we think you'll keep using Tide because of the way it cleans. Tide gets out the "everyday" dirt you see most -- the dried-in mud, the catsup, the chocolate milk, and the tough, ground-in dirt that goes clear through the fabric down to the skin. You'll find Tide handles it beautifully. The dirt you see the most is the dirt Tide cleans the most.

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