1929 ad: Buescher True Tone Saxophone

. Thursday, April 17, 2014

Double with a Saxaphone. Increase Your Pay. The modern orchestra wants men who can play more than one instrument and especially those who can play that most popular instrument—the Saxophone. In just a few weeks you can increase your opportunities and income with a Buescher True Tone Saxophone Easiest of all instruments to learn -- easiest to finger rapidly - its tones are true, clear and full. It harmonizes beautifully with other instruments. Many of the best known soloists and orchestra leaders such as Clyde Doerr, Tom Brown, Jack Crawford and Bennie Krueger use and recommend Buescher Saxophones. Only a Buescher Gives You All These Features Patented Snap-on Pads —— the greatest improvement fqr beauty of tone—easy to replace—no more cementing. Found only on the Buescher. Patented Automatic Octave Key—always positive. Perfect scale accuracy every tone always full, clear and true. Hands never moved from one playing position, Convenient key arrangement,’ simplifies lingering of rapid passages. Six Days’ Trial—Easy Terms Try any Buescher Saxophone, Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone or other instrument in your own home for six days. If you like the instrument, pay a little each month. Play as you pay. Mail the coupon for beautiful literature and details of this wonderful trial plan. Mention Instrument in which interested. BUESCHER BAND INSTRUMENT CO. 2863 Buescher Block Elkhart, Indiana

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